Game crash when loading a weapon

My item recently got flagged as incompatible and I realized why once I tried to pull out a weapon. I’ve been trying to fix it by weighting more bones to the model so that maybe they’ll get imported properly and not crash. I added hand_l and hand_r, and it no longer crashes in the editor, but going in-game still crashes when pulling anything out. I was wondering if there were specific bones I need to make sure are included, or if this issue will be fixed for armless playermodels.
Currently my model uses: root, pelvis, hand_l, and hand_r. I’m weighing the hands with a 0.01 multiplier as nothing is really supposed to move, but it forces them to be loaded into the model.

With your model, it was because there was more than 61 bones. I believe something is in there that shouldn’t be. When it goes beyond 61 bones, Unreal updates the skeleton to use 62 bones, but then models that don’t have 62 bones (everyone else) will crash.

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Now that you said that I went back and looked and saw that when converting from blender -> 3ds max that it created another bone for the Armature node, pushing it to 62 instead of 61. I just deleted it and I’ll try it again.

I’m building a fixed client that will prevent a model like that from loading in the future so we can avoid crashes like this.

But, yeah, that was the issue. You weren’t the only model that had it either.

I removed the outlier bone and it still wanted to crash but I’ll look into it some more tomorrow, thanks for the help