Futureproofing my wallet via pre-reprice Copycat


I still have not sold my 50k Copycat for just in case that they do incorporate trading so I can have a collectors item of sorts. I have posted onto here to get a second opinion if I should keep it or if I’m a lunatic for not selling it sooner.

The idea sounds good in a bubble, but that could just be me.


Just speculation here, but my guess is that they’ll make the old copycat un-tradeable to prevent the price from skyrocketing.


Yeah, that’s what I’m a bit afraid of too. At least I won’t have much consequence if it does gets trade-locked. I either get a relic of the past that can be sold for probably twice it’s original price, or I have 50k in my inventory for an extremely rainy day.


I’m still really confused of why the 50k copycat gun is some people’s special item.


It won’t be tradable.


Will anything be tradable?


because no one else can buy it now


At least for me, it is to show that I was one of the unlucky sod that bought it when it was too expensive.