Furry outfits?

I’m not a furry myself (at least not officially wink wink ) but I feel that since furries are quite a big community by now that since TU is an online game and you can represent yourself on said game with an avatar, I believe they should have some way of showing that aspect of their persona.

The only thing I would be worried about with this is more reports of harassment, due to some less civilized peoples of the Internet who believe they are one of the enlightened because they have Internet access harassing furries.

The team has stated they don’t want to have any fandom things.

This will have to be a workshop item.

This has already been discussed before I believe as well.


It’s been said before that they’re not endorsing any fandoms. Fursonas will never be a thing for ranked TU servers. Of course, there is still Workshop support.

Oops. I’m so tired I forgot to check if this was talked about. :stuck_out_tongue:

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