Furry Character Models?

Something i would really love to see is furry character models. I don’t know why but i really like playing as a wolf person or a cat or a dog or etc. I think i’m a furry myself. But besides that, something like that would be pretty cool to add.

Most likely, this will be something you’re going to have to request the upcoming Workshop community.

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Ehhhhh, I dunno about that. Most people aren’t very keen on that sort of thing. I think you’ll have to rely on the Workshop for this.

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We don’t support fandoms, sorry. You’ll have to ask someone to make it as a workshop addon.


As long as they don’t look anywhere near as much as they did in Garry’s Mod, I’d be fun with seeing a workshop add-on out of it.

Blegh… the Garry’s Mod ones…

Anthropomorphic animal characters aren’t necessarily part of a fandom, but I can imagine people associating one with the other regardless.


Me and a few friends were actually planning on making this (and some legacy models) for the workshop



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Thank you

I do have a question, if we are able to make furry models, what about anthro pokemon models, or would they be protected via Game Freak?

The workshop usually isn’t the victim of copyright issues, though sometimes things do get taken down from the workshop for such reasons.
For the most part, you should be seeing plenty of Pokemon models in the community workshop.

I imagine it will be kind of like the Garry’s Mod workshop, which has a bunch of copyrighted intellectual property littered all over the place without consequence.