Furniture Flipping

Is it possible to flip furniture items so they’re upside down?


Not at the moment. For now, place your furniture, place a flat object (like a canvas) on top, then place the furniture on the bottom of the flat object. If you’re having trouble reaching the bottomside, hit V to noclip down there and place it.

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alright thanks

I’m working on a quick fix that lets you rotate on a different axis when you press middle mouse button.


Awesome, would be very useful!

Will there be the ability to hold shift like the Gmod Physgun for more accurate angles? Would be very useful.

I could do stuff where if you hold CTRL it slows down the rotation speed and SHIFT snaps it to certain angles


Yess this will make unlock so many amazing building opportunities. Especially from @JesusFreak

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Think I already suggested that to Zak and Sam so it would be something like this.

allowing us to move the items freely.


Ohhh my God, that would be amazing. I need that so bad. Like, if we got more/better Condo placement I would be so happy.

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when can we expect this?

I’d assume soon, but of course, I don’t know.