Furby Parody Condo Pet

My friend and I came up with the idea for the perfect Condo Pet… a Furby Parody.

Essentially it’d be a Furby bootleg, I’ll call it “Lorby” for now, that’d stay mostly stationary in your condo when placed. Player’s could pick it up or interact with it somehow, causing it to speak and emote. However, when not observed “Lorby” could wander around the condo… stopping immediately when the Player’s line of sight crosses it.

“Lorby” would fit well in the Arcade prizes or even in a Holiday event (Furby was a famous Christmas gift). And could be even be a modified Catsack (though I think it’d be more vaguely Catsack-esque). There could even be a variety of colours available to find, each representing the Catsack tiers: Classic (Grey), Quicksilver (Silver), Gilded (Golden), and Limited Edition Millennium Edition (Cosmic).

Here’s a sketch I made of what I was thinking of.

please… no…
no more furby…