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Panjandrum, also known as The Great Panjandrum, was a massive, rocket-propelled, explosive-laden cart designed by the British military during World War II. It was one of a number of highly experimental projects, including Hajile and the Hedgehog, that were developed by the Admiralty’s Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapons Development (DMWD) in the final years of the war. The Panjandrum was never used in battle.

I have just been informed that Fun Facts With Easy Pete!™ is now bankrupt.


damned NCR


just give me the dynamites already.

Clearly your explosives skill isn’t high enough.

explosive skill is on 50. and sneak skill is 100. if you catch my meaning ;).

you’re a powder ganger?

ew, no.

it means that i have The Shady Sands Shuffle technique.

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Who needs dynamite when you have an alien blaster?

Who needs an alien blaster when you can just ignore Goodsprings and go on a nation-wide adventure to devour the four most powerful men in the Mojave, somehow acquiring their powers?

I should really get back to that playtrough.

I wound up playing New Vegas so much that I got sick of it, even with mods.

I think there might be something seriously wrong with me. Help.

perhaps some Johnny Guitar would help?

No, I heard that song so often that I turned off the radio whenever it came on.

Big iron is where its at.

NCR, Mr.House, Ceasers Legion. Who’s the fourth most powerful Group?
And the only thing in the Mojave Wasteland is a sweet anti-tank rifle. oh yeah.
And some explosives ( doesnt matter which) and The Shady Sands Shuffle technique.

Play a different Game.

The Kings. It’s an actual hidden perk, too.


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The Kings get run over by the Enclave, BoS, NCR, Mr.House and Legion.

The Perk says only about the Leaders of the Group. Still it doesnt means that The Kings is one of the most powerful Groups.

I mean, I did originally specify you have to devour the four most powerful men, not groups.

Urgh. I didnt read it precisely. Still I dislike cannibalism in the fallout series.