Fully functional dollhouse

First of all, I didn’t put this in either of the mega threads because it could be an item, a condo, or even a lobby attraction.

So I just bought a tiny potion and thought it would be really cool if there was a dollhouse I could squeeze into. You know, like one of those big fancy ones that are fully functional and detailed.

If it was an item it should probably be expensive. We could have a house inside of a house!

If it was a Condo a tiny potion wouldn’t be required if you put a giant version of a child’s room or something around it.

If it was an attraction in the lobby you could use it for a unique event or something.

I believe items are expected to be scaleable at some point, so you should eventually be able to combine building blocks and resized items to make your own custom doll houses.


Right you are, sir.

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dollhouse condo maybe

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