Full collection of upgrade screenshots

I thought I’d round up some images all in one thread. Actually, two threads to be exact.

Over here is a collection of all the upgrade screenshots I could find, follow the link below to check out my other thread rounding up arcade prizes.

Now, the list:

Minigolf: Trails

Bullet Time






Rainbow Scrolling

Rainbow Fading

Minigolf: Balls

8 Ball

Bowling Ball

[ Couldn’t locate this one, but I know a screenshot exists of it ]

Low Poly Ball

Ball Race: Glass Materials

Water, Hologram, Energy Field, Charging Force Field (?), Static Force Field (?), Chain Link, Ice (?)

Ball Race: Ball Materials

Fabric, Rainbow, Bowling Ball, Carbon Fiber, TieDye, Glitter (?), Wood, Rock, Chrome (?), Gold

Ball Race: Ball Shapes (Unique)

Cat, Bomb (?), Fishbowl, Golf Ball, Snowman (?), Disco Ball Retro (?), Soccer Ball
(The last few pairs are using porthole and double porthole variants)

Ball Race: Ball Shapes (Regular)

Double Porthole, Cube Half Skeleton (?), Dodecahedron Skeleton, Dodecahedron Double Porthole, Dodecahedron Porthole, Dodecahedron, Octahedron, Octahedron Skeleton

Icosahedron Ring Windowed, Icosahedron Windowed, Icosahedron Porthole/Double Porthole, Icosahedron Skeleton, Beach Ball, Stripe Ball (?), Spikeball, Mega Spikeball, Yarnball

Ball Race: Melon Skins

Coconuts, Cookies, (Melons), Bananas, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, Beer, Ice Cream

Zombie Massacre: Ramming Shield Skins

(Normal), Hell Shield, Orb Shield

Little Crusaders: Dragon Skins

Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon

Dark Dragon, (Ice Dragon), (Fire Dragon)

Full list of all upgrades can be found on this Trello card:



Hopefully you haven’t seen all of these before!

Please correct any errors and add or clarify things so I can improve this list.


that ice dragon skin and zm shield ball is dope