Freezing for 10 seconds+ if i move in specific areas

So i have played tower unite for a while and it has always been running fairly well.

I recently came back to play after taking a break for a while playing other games, i always come back to check back in on the progress that’s been made. But now the Smooth dirt condo is completely broken for me.

What happens is, when i’m standing on the default concrete square box in smooth dirt it will freeze for 10 seconds+ and then unfreeze and be completely normal if i don’t move. It says my FPS is around 250 and will run completely normal if i dont walk on the concrete.

I can even fly around with the jetpack above the concrete without a hitch and walk on the grass without problem too. But if i walk on anything within that box it does the same freezing. Even if i place a box and walk on it.

This freezing also occured when i entered the arcade and trivia area. I haven’t noticed it anywhere else as of yet.

I have also seen other people mention this problem with the concrete in smooth dirt and wondered what the developers can tell me to help.

It helps a lot to record the bug taking place in events like these, so that the developers can look into the potential causes, or to post your system specs.

Due to experiencing this myself the only temporary fix right now is to mute all audio ingame.
Something about AMD drivers is causing it.

oh really? thats so weird, yeah im on AMD, i’ll try it thanks for the tip.

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