Free World of Warcraft!

Hey guys, so i just went to the movies to watch The Secret Life Of Pets. It was pretty good, thanks for asking.
Anyway, at the ticket stand, there were a stack of WoW codes. I only took 3 because I didn’t want to be to rude.
Anyway, here are the codes! If you have used them, please post that you have done so!
Please only use them if you don’t already have an account, etc! I want everyone to have a chance!


I might be able to get more soon, so stay tuned!

~Codes do not work after August 1st.

~With the code, you also get “Four movie-inspired Transmog skins.”

~These codes only give you free access for a month! After your time expires, you then have to choose to pay a monthly subscription, or not get access anymore, I guess.
(And no, you don’t have to pay the subscription before you play.)

~Before you ask any questions, note that I have never played or seen any WoW.

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Wow, seems like no one has grabbed them yet

Claimed the first one! Feel free to cross that one out.

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I thought WOW had a free period?

Unless these are the equivalent of a one month subscription?

Crap… I just got into WoW and both codes are claimed :c

IIRC, WOW had a thing where playing up to level 13 was free, and everything after required a subscription. Not sure if it’s still a thing though, since that was like years ago.

Still the same, but the cap is lvl 20.