Free to Play Weekend

Think about it, TU fans will try to get their friends to try it on a f2p weekend, if it sticks it’ll net more sales for the game and more people in the community :slight_smile:

I believe free to play weekends are planned after or close to the full release of the game :slight_smile:


There’s also the thing with playercount spikes. With sales or events there’s already some issues that come up sometimes like with the AGC getting overloaded or like with last Halloween where Steam dying, the Halloween event, and the Halloween sale meant the game was notably unstable for a good while. At least with sales there’s some barrier for entry, but with it being free I assume that’d put a lot of stress on the devs and eat up actual development time should the AGC have issues or with having to moderate a bunch of new people who, if banned, can just make another account to get back at it. Like colin said above, I believe it’s planned for later on when the backend is less susceptible to stress and there’s more time that can be spent moderating.

I don’t know if this is something that Steam allows you to ask for, but I wonder if developers can see if people are playing from a temporary free weekend license or if they actually bought the game. Because right now there’s a system that will automatically ban people who play the game without owning it, so maybe a modified version of that could be used for people who are playing for free during those weekends. Maybe not have it show up as a ban, but rather a restriction. Like blocking free players from using things like voice or workshop, which can be slightly trickier to moderate than something like plaza text chat–but if there’s a large amount of free players abusing the text chat, that could be enabled for it too, I guess sorta like how TF2 blocked free-to-play chat.