"Free Spin" on Wheel of Money is a very useless spot on the Wheel

Hear me out: Free Spin on the Wheel of Money is an absolutely pointless wedge on the Wheel of Money.

This is less of a “bug” than a consideration for a change in implementation. It doesn’t quite feel like a feature request either, as it’s more of a bad user experience IMO.

Free Spin is a rare slot to land on when the wheel spins. As such, the user should be properly rewarded for winning that chance. However, when you take into consideration the big picture/net gains, no actual benefit comes about. The only difference in landing directly on a spot versus getting Free Spin and THEN landing on the same spot is the amount of revolutions the wheel makes and the time involved.

I instead propose that the slot be relabeled as “2 Free Spins” so that you get to re-spin, AND get an ADDITIONAL spin on top of that. This way the user has a chance to get a benefit by potentially landing on money spots twice.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Play Wheel of Money
  2. Get a Spin
  3. Land on Free Spin

What I expected to happen

Some level of added benefit or additional spin that adds another chance of landing on a money spot or Jackpot.

What happened

I didn’t get anything except for the wheel to move again. Maybe I’ll get lucky, but it would be no different than landing on the final spot in the first place. Having Free Spin removed would have absolutely no impact except odds may need to be re-calculated in general.

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Replace Freespin by 1000 then?

My suggestion was “2 free spins” which I feel is more the goal that was trying to be achieved.

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I can look into adding this, makes sense.


FYI this new feature doesn’t appear to work