Free hugs!

#Free hugs! :heart_eyes_cat:

I’m trying to think of ways to write up this thread. :scream_cat:

Soo, I’m that weird gal you might or might not have seen around here. I’ve had a lot of fun discussing stuff with you all, or just being stupid on certain threads, and I’d love to keep in better touch with the community here.

That said, if it interests anyone, you can add me on Steam right here, if you want. I’m usually online most of the day and always happy to chat. :smiley_cat:
Just be sure to leave a comment on my profile and let me know who you are, if you do decide to add me! I’ve a tendancy to mash decline on random adds these days. Bots are persistent. :crying_cat_face:

Warning; Profile contains small talking horses of a colourful nature.


Thought the thread was about giving hugs to others in thread.

But ok, I’ll take a hug anyday :blush:

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Well…I did…But meh…I might try again, but I’m not sure if I should since you didn’t really like it when I tried to add you before…

You hadn’t left a comment beforehand and I didn’t recognise you, so I thought you were some random person creeping on me!

Oh…Well…In that case then…I’ll be adding you