Free Game: Unreal Gold


Greetings, Comrades! We shall shatter the capitalist establishment eventually by giving away goods and not ask for anything in return yet again! 20 years ago this masterplan started and we titled it after the chances our lead scientists gave us to succeed: Unreal!


Sadly, for German Steam Users there is an even bigger enemy than the capitalist oppressors: Dieses Produkt steht in Ihrem Land derzeit nicht zur Verfügung. It’s a magic spell that prevents purchase in Schland and motivates you to just get it on GOG. Except if someone could tell me a way that lets a friend gift me a free game on Steam.


I was gonna recommend a VPN to bypass the geographical restrictions, problem is that it`s against the Steam EULA.
So it seems your only option is to buy a steam key as a gift for him.

I`ll try and see if i can find a working solution.


It’s a free game, apparently there’s no checkout. I know because that was my plan, too. :sweat_smile: