Free Game: The Sims 4

Looks like EA is trying out the free game strategy, starting with a title from their people simulating series. You can get The Sims 4 added to your Origin account for free right now. It might not be your first choice of launcher, but hey! Free is free.


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I’ll play a bit of devil’s advocate here: EA had been so deep in the freebie game before, they had an actual name for it: “On the House”. So I wouldn’t exactly use words like “trying” or “starting”,

Also this looks like a campaign for Sims 4 DLC. When registering the game, you’re asked if you want the basic free or normally priced more complete edition. But hey, food for my freebie account, am not complaining.

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I’ve not kept up with EA and Origin, so I suppose I made a poor assumption there. That’s my bad!

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Please be aware that you must be subscribed to their paid “Premier” service (15$ a month) to get this.

No, I wasn’t subscribed and still got it for free. You just have to scroll down and select the $0.00 option


Some people on Discord said that it was being weird for them. A couple reported needing to wishlist the game before they could get it for free. If it’s being weird, maybe try that.

I’m not subscribed to any EA service and I easily got it for free. Logged into Origin in webbrowser.

Still, The Sims 3 is better

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sims 2 the real shit
i think?


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ahh i see, thanks

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Been debating on and off on nabbing Sims 4 or just reinstalling Sims 3. I know Sims 3 has so much more content, but Sims 4 looks like it has some good additions.

Also been saying forever some indie dev needs to do what Cities Skylines did to Sim City, or like Planet Coaster did for RCT. Can’t believe after all these years no competent competitor has come up. Every Sims entry has its pros and cons and there is still RIDICULOUS prices on non-expansion DLC for Sims 3 after all these years.

I’m also still mad I missed out when they gave away ALL of Sims 2 + expacks for free.