Free Game: Monaco

Third one in two days. I don’t know why, I just report the news. Monaco is free on Steam for a day. Grab it for keepsies.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING US! I’m getting it now :smiley: How do you find out these things?

I already own Monaco, and I tend to check the Steam “My Games” news almost daily. Unsurprisingly, there were a couple quick articles notifying people about it.

There were a couple other ones a while back I caught just because the news about them being free was near the top of the “All News” category, and my eye happened to catch it. That, and Humble Bundle occasionally has free games. When they do, they usually send out an email to users.

The one about The Walking Dead I actually found because someone posted it on a Discord server I’m in.

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I personally just check the Steam subreddit daily: