Free Game: Jackbox Party Pack 1

I’m sure this game needs no introduction. From the minds behind the old trivia comedy You Don’t Know Jack came the most clever party video game yet devised: The Jackbox Party Pack. It’s easy to get people in; just have them get on their phones and onto the website. It’s just about the most hassle-free party game I’ve ever played, and since it’s a pack there’s a few solid flavors to choose from. It’s also currently free via the Epic Games store, so pick it up if you’re interested.

Also, keep an eye out. Starting on the 7th, Epic Games will be handing out Axiom Verge for free.


I have actually heard of Jackbox Party Pack. Might have to take a look at it.

It’s good for groups of about 4-8 people, though only one person needs to own the pack. Everyone else just needs a smartphone (or other device with a browser) and an internet connection. Just be warned that the games aren’t always family friendly (I think the later packs offer family friendly options, but I don’t think they’re in the first pack), just in case that’s important to you.