Free Game: Guns of Icarus Alliance

This one’s actually not out of the blue; this giveaway’s being performed “…in honor of everyone who served and sacrificed…” for Memorial Day weekend. The sale lasts until Tuesday, so you’ve got plenty of time to pick up your complementary copy. As for the game itself, we’ve got Guns of Icarus Alliance. This is the PvE side of the Guns of Icarus games. You’ll be teaming up with multiple airships to take down legions of enemies as you fight to provide influence for whatever faction you feel like fighting for. It takes four men to man an airship, so grab some friends and take to the skies! Head here if the Steam widget isn’t working.

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Here we are again, Guns of Icarus Alliance has gone free for a couple days! This time you’ll need to head over to its Humble Bundle page to grab your copy. If you have any interest in the Humble Monthly subscription, you’ll also find a coupon for 10% off if you’re a new subscriber.