Free Game: For Honor (Starter Edition)


I’ll be honest, the only things I know about For Honor are that it’s got PvP melee action and that the Starter Edition is currently free. If you’ve got a Uplay account, simply log on and bind it to your account in the client or online (thanks, Spookz!).


For Honor is nothing like Chivalry, btw. If someone were to go in with that mindset, they’d be very disappointed. It’s not even a medieval game, as it takes place thousands of years into an alternate future.

EDIT: Also, I’m not at all shitting on For Honor. Quite the opposite. I love both games but they’re very different games.


btw u can use ur web browser with this link


I’ve never played either, so the extent of my knowledge is that both are heavily melee focused games. My apologies, though I am curious as to what makes the games different.


For Honor is a lot more dueling than a big fight, as Chivalry is placed in a medieval era with castles and knights.
For Honor has various different styles of fighting and just different things in general
here’s a link to a reddit thread where a guy compares them fighting wise, as I can’t say much since I haven’t played either in a while so I’ve forgotten and don’t really want to give false information. (which I might’ve done already)


Well, first off, Chivalry is a Medieval game and For Honor is set thousands of years into an alternate future. Chivalry is first person while For Honor is third. Chivalry has mainly pretty standard multiplayer gamemodes while For Honor is a bit more of a unique game. It focuses a lot more on smaller-scale and very tactical combat and more uncommon gamemodes. The combat itself is handled (at least if using a gamepad) using the left stick to basically draw your strikes and blocks (only played on PS4 so, no idea how it works with K+M). For gamemodes in For Honor, there’s Duel (1v1 deathmatch), Brawl (2v2 deathmatch), Elimination (4v4 Last Man Standing), and then the 2 really interesting ones, Dominion and Skirmish. Skirmish is a 4v4 match with bot minions, where each need need to build up points by killing the minions and then, when a team has enough points, kill the enemy team. Dominion is basically a twist on Conquest, where you get points for capturing the objectives and then, when you have enough points, you kill the enemy team to win.


Quick bump since For Honor is on special promotion again. Download the Starter Edition for free now and keep it forever. I don’t know when the offer ends, but here’s the link:

EDIT: Steam link embed is broken, so just go to Steam and download it yourselves I guess :stuck_out_tongue: