Free Game: Destiny 2


I don’t know what strange marketing ploy this is, but Blizzard’s letting you grab Destiny 2 for free until November 18th. If you’ve got an account, just log on and get over to the gift page to claim your copy. If you like shooting and looting and maybe doing so with buddies, it’s certainly not a bad idea to give it a shot!


I just got an announcement for this on a Steam group and I though I might post about it here, you beat me in 9 minutes


It’s not the first time it’s been free. It was free for PlayStation Plus members a month or two ago. Like you said, it’s marketing. They’re trying to get more people to play


Do you guys know if it’s like a trial or free to keep forever?


It looks like a keep forever thing. There isn’t any message telling me it’s just a trial.


My account details showed it as the Standard Edition, so I believe it’s a forever thing this time. No DLC of course, but it’s still a free Destiny 2.


Could I still play it even with the crappiest settings?