Free game alert: Dirt Rally

I honestly cannot believe I’m typing this, Codemaster’s Dirt Rally is free.

The game was released in early access in early 2015 to very positive reviews and feedback and is still heralded as a fantastic Rally sim. If you have any love for cars, mud, or heart-in-your-throat racing, this is definitely something you should pick up now. If you feel you may have a love for any of those at any time in the future, you should pick it up now. It’s a free game, what’s to lose?

Did I mention it has VR support? Native for Oculus, Vive requires ReVive. Idk about WMR or anything like that, I just write stuff about free games.


I can attest to this game’s quality. It’s simultaneously the most nerve wracking, stressful, and absolutely satisfying racing game I’ve played. Successfully taking a course cleanly is both difficult and rewarding.

If you have any interest in racing games, I’d highly recommend picking this up.


I downloaded this game when I got my PC and never played for the first time :unamused:

Giving this thread a bump to let you all know that this game has gone free again, but this time directly on Steam.

In addition, Dirt 4 (where Dirt Rally is closer to simulation territory, Dirt 4 is closer to arcade territory) and a bunch of the F1 games are all at 75% off.