Free Game: Age of Wonders III

That’s right, I’m back! I’ve been busy neglecting my duties, but now that I’m done with that (for now) I’m here to throw another free game directly at your face. Today’s game is Age of Wonders III. It’s a fantasy 4X strategy game, and Humble Bundles just throwing it out. Feel free to just pick it up.

If you want to be even more up-to-date on free games spam, there’s probably better places than these forums. Since I don’t know those better places, I can only direct you to my Discord server which was made specifically for free games spam. Drop on by if you’d like.


Thank you for all these free games dude!

I would definitely miss all of these if it wasn’t for your posts. Thank you

Wasn’t it more like, fewer free games? Except those from Satan EPICs thing.

I’ve still forgotten to throw four or so games here that I’ve known were free.

It’s back for free for a few days on Steam.

Link because WIdgets are unreliable…