Free for all?

Often times when playing laser tag you have uneven teams, maybe in such cases it can be a free for all instead of team deathmatch? or maybe have free for all as a separate mode? (different screen or door in the laser tag lobby)

Yeah, I’d really like this actually.


I’d be more likely to play if no-team deathmatch was a thing.
I’m very bad at picking out color (and remembering what team I’m on for that matter) and details in the Laser Tag Arena (the low light neon map motif doesn’t help my eyes) so being able to just blast anything that moves could improve my ability to play adequately and want to queue for it.

In fact maybe have a separate room all its own thats just 24/7 no rules dm blasting. You can enter the room or leave at any time and as long as you’re in the room you can shoot each other. Points will be weekly like other scoreboards.
Drop in anytime shoot a bit and leave at your discretion.


I’d be a lot more likely to want to play laser tag with something like this.

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