FPS Problems?

So, this game came out like 3 years ago? Could we maybe see some FPS boosts? This game runs so poorly, I don’t have a good PC but like… so many other games run better than this. Its basically unplayable

I searched online for ways to boost FPS on this game or to see if their planning on improving the games FPS but all I see is stuff from like 2016 or 2017. I get the crew probably has more important stuff to focus on but could we just please get some more improvements?

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The devs try to optimize the game where they can and most updates tend to have a couple changes to reduce lag. It’s a complicated issue and with such a small dev team, I can’t imagine it being easy to make any significant improvements to FPS. So with that said, I think it’ll be a long time before we get any large optimizations.

For now, have you tried running the game in DX10 mode? It tends to work better for me than DX11 so maybe it’ll help you as well.

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I’m not going to pretend I know all the technical details (Maybe there is a way they can really up the FPS), but in my experience FPS issues with Tower Unite seem to be more rooted in “incompatibility” rather than poor optimization. There are definitely some rough spots on the whole, but overall it runs fine on my subpar PC. My main question would be if you have integrated graphics, which is what I mean by incompatibility. Tower Unite just won’t run well at all with integrated graphics, even if your PC isn’t that horrible overall.

Maybe there is something they can do, but optimization is tough, and similar to bug fixes, they usually add little optimizations over time, not all at once. A lot of this might be baked into UE4 (Maybe an eventual engine version upgrade would help?), so I wouldn’t expect any major changes anytime soon. One of the major factors in getting a “better” (Still not great) PC, for me, was so I could play Tower Unite. Obviously that isn’t important enough on its own, but just an anecdote from somebody who was in a similar situation.

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and make sure you don’t have “-NOTEXTURESTREAMING” and other launch options on, none of them optimize your game. Shadow quality is the biggest fps killer, and if you can bear it, render scale improves it greatly as well.

What are your specs? And what games run well for you?

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Technically it’s still in Early Access so as long as it’s not just maintained and updated but still in development, you shouldn’t expect it to be a complete game that’s properly optimized in every aspect.

Also your phrasing of “boosting FPS” sounds dangerously close to descriptions of snake oil software, you should probably try around with the game settings and see if it still works the way you like it with certain options turned lower before thinking about “boosts”.

Well the Unreal Engine is intensive on graphics. Do the other games you play use Unreal?

I will say I don’t have a great graphics card; I run the game on lowest settings on dx10.
(NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750) *1 GB VRAM :frowning: *
My frame rate issues usually fall into one of these spots.

  • Lighting (Especially with condos, just turning on the light switches in house drops my fps to 30.)

  • Teleporting (It’s rare but my game can hang for a few seconds at random on teleports/doors in plaza)

  • Too many Items/Models (This is my rarest problem, it only happens while loading in others condos)

  • Virus - Solar (For some reason as soon as a certain number of players join this map my game panics and drops frames randomly)

This is the min specs allowed I’m running at. Hopefully I’ll be updating my graphics card to help the problem. Hope this helps I guess.