Four laps of "Bedzoom" are a little too long

It takes more than three minutes to complete 4 laps of the “Bedzoom”, so 3 laps seems to be about right.

I think it’ll be less of a problem when the second Bedzoom track is in. Right now playing the same track twice isn’t ideal but when it goes straight to a different track in the same level it should be much better. At least that’s how I think it’s going to work


Devs can’t make you guys happy lol Pine Green is too short, Bedzoom is too long…

I like them both. That’s the point of having variety.


The Devs are likely going to implement Custom Lap Amounts anyways so your problem of it being too long or too short will go away whenever they’ll implement it.


Thank you all for your comments!
I’ve decided to wait patiently until lapcustom comes out.
I love this map and sound, so I’ll be patient.

thank you