Four Crab Ideas

I think the crabs a fun type of item to collect in TU. I made a sketch quite a while ago about four crabs that I thought of and how they would look (and made some sketches). It’s been a hot minute since the last Crab so I thought I’d post it here in the hopes that any may make it in.

  • Silly / Clown Crab - It’s a clown with polka-dots, an afro, and a red nose. The rainbow afro could be made from texturing the current Afro wig… and the Rainbow wig could also be sold as a Wearable.
  • Robot Crab - Metallic with red eyes, antenna, and hazard markings on its sharp bits.
  • Cute Crab - A dolled-up crab with eyelashes, a bow, and painted… nails?
  • Kingly Crab - A crab in kingly attire with an emerald scepter and crown.

I need the silly crab please give it to me

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This looks pretty cool, we definitely need more crab variations.

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These are awesome.


Also I really want the robot crab.