Found a Youtube exploit?

Now, I don’t know if this much of a exploit, but you must have heard of the Youtube Red subscription service, where you no longer see ads and can download videos to your device. You have to pay 10 bucks a month, but I found that if you just tap and hold the screen while watching a video, you have the option to ‘save video’- oh yeah, I’m using a Kindle Fire (Generation 3)

I tried to report this to Google support, and they said the best thing to do was to contact Amazon support (?), so that is what I did. After telling them about it, they said the best thing to do is to contact Google support, and then I just gave up.

So, if you have a Kindle Fire, go download your self some free videos.

You should ask google support about this

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I contacted Google, but they told me to report to Amazon. I talked to Amazon about it, and they said to contact Google. Do you see the loop here? :wink:

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I know i was just messing with you since you’d already been told to do that.

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is that not one of the advantages that paying for youtube red gives you

He’s saying he doesn’t have youtube red be he’s still able to

This is a really good summary of Google’s support.


That’s not really an exploit, YouTube downloaders have existed for years.

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You might have enabled the free trial of youtube red.

The Kindle Fire allows you download any video played within its native video player IIRC, which YouTube videos do. YouTube downloaders have existed for a long time, and they’re nothing new. If Google wanted to fix it, they would have.

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