Forums: Sign in through Steam & Link account

Would it be possible to use Steam’s OpenID on here to link your Steam account to your PixelTail forum account?
To clarify, you could still login with your forum login details, but those who link could login either way.

Possible applications could include showing off your Tower inventory on here, stats and achievement tracking, etc.


This would be great, but it would have to let people who don’t want to log in via that method a way to login. I never really liked having to go through Steam in order to log into the old forums, and I wouldn’t want to be forced to do that here too.

I did say link accounts, not use Steam exclusively to login. :L
Updated OP to clarify.

Oh no, I understand. I was speaking about this old forum I used to go to that let you link your Steam account, and then because you did that, you couldn’t old login via Steam, which I hated. It was more just expanding on your thought.

I see no reason why this shouldn’t be added. Just dunno if it can.

I don’t think that is even a concern. Steam Login is just simple OpenID.

Edit: It wouldn’t be plug n’ play though, it would take some effort.

Doesn’t this belong in Meta

I think it would be nice. The more accounts the higher the probability of, in case one fails, you having a way to enter the forum.

But since Steam isn’t plug’n’play in Discourse, I agree that it would only really be worth it if it had some sort of integration.

Moved this topic to “Meta” (although I can easily see why it was created under “Suggestions”).

Just for further reference, Suggestions is meant for suggestions pertaining to Tower Unite, while Meta is for anything relating to the Forum itself.

From Suggestions description:

From Meta description:

I personally don’t care that much, but this could benefit us quite alot. I wouldn’t like to see steam login be forced (I know this is not being suggested here), but I’d really like to link my steam account to this forum! However, I remember mac saying:

So yeah…
From this thread, where we’ve been kinda discussing this forum when it was fresh.

I also remember this post, but I think @Sabrina corrected me once with more recent information. I can’t find it, though.

Mac says in the same thread, that he would have to implement it into the forum software, which isn’t as simple as plug n’ play. However he does later in the thread state that Steam Login has been supported, although I don’t really know what he meant by that.

Steam login as a simple OpenID Auth works with our forums already.

As for linking your Steam account with your forum account (like in the past GMT forum), that’s gonna take a bit of time to make a plugin for.

I’m just learning how to work with Discourse’s API, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Steam link anytime soon.

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