Forum Post Edit Gone?

It appears the ability to edit your posts has been removed as a forum feature.

My main concern is how am I supposed to keep the first post of a topic updated?

Such as a I do with a few of my Condo Showcase posts for updating screenshots, fixing broken links, updating the changelog, etc…

Someone posts a condo they are currently working on with screenshots and what they plan to add in the future, all good so far. A month or two later the condo is now more complete, has better visuals etc… but now there is no way to reflect any changes done to the condo in the first post, giving anyone who views the post an immediate outdated impression of the condo.

Are we expected to create an entirely new post just so we can present updated screenshots for peoples first impressions? I can guess there are many people that do not go much further then the first few posts in a topic, I do not see how replies being used as a way to try and inform people that the first post is old/outdated works well at all.

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I seem to be able to edit still

EDIT: works here for me too?

Seems like I can’t edit my older posts.


Ohh, is it like a month cutoff now it looks like? I can edit one from October 16th but not 15th.

Will be an issue for long-lasting map bugs because I think you can only do three posts in a row before it tells you not to anymore and to edit instead–but like–can’t with this.

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Might have been the site configuration settings getting slightly reset when we upgraded. Should be fixed now.