Forum app for iOS or Android

I love to read the forum when I’m out and about especially when I’m hiking alone, it would be nice if the devs could design an app or something for android or iOS that just follows the design of the mobile site but doesn’t suck like the android browser does.

I thought the forum itself already had decent mobile support? I don’t think an app is all that necessary really.

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It does, he wants them to make an app because his mobile browser is incompetent.

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Took the words from my mouth.

Plus a mobile app would allow for a little bit better optimization

I’m pretty sure that I searched about the same thing a few days ago and I think there were a few community projects about doing an app for Discourse-powered forums, although most of them seem abandoned.

Discourse on Android would be sleek as hell.

If you’re not going to use anything provided by your phone (GPS, Sensors, Etc.) there is no need to make an App, a responsive website is fine.

That’s like the #1 rule when it comes to Mobile Apps, there really is no points in having one if you’re not going to use any sensors nor anything like that. I don’t know about Discourse on Android though, i’m too lazy to try it but maybe using Chrome on your phone would help.

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