Formerly Announcing the JonTron Marathon (sorry it's over)

Alright, so since its been discussed on another topic I’ve decided the marathon schedule and am now formerly announcing it via a dedicated post.

For those that aren’t aware, the launch of the Casino Update is pretty significant for TU as the first real major update since it’s launch, so to celebrate I am running a marathon of internet celebrity JonTron episodes at my personal Condo to lead up to the exact hour the update is scheduled to deploy. nope

Here is the current scheduled list of episodes to be marathon’d:


2 hour countdown (2:00:00) [1 hour for private setup, 1 hour for public admission]
Regal Cinema Rollercoaster (30 seconds?)

(this is not factored into the grand total time. Only for setup.)

Season 1

Daikatana Review (21:43) [] []
Legacy of Darkness (17:40) [] []
Joe & Mac Retrospective (12:33) []
GoldenEye 007 Wii Review (6:25) []
Nimbus Review? (2:33) []
Sonic Colors? (3:29) []
Donkey Kong Country Returns Review? (4:02) []
DinoCity BRO!!! (11:15) []
Drunk Gaming: The Castlevania Adventure (9:17) []
Mighty Maxed Out (9:03) []
Stairfax Temperatures (17:30) []
Monster Bash Starrin’ Johnny Dash (11:08) []
Jurrasic Park: The Lost Potential (12:30) []
Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis (10:31) []
Home Improvement (8:34) []
Monster Party (11:22) []
Bubsy Collection (16:00) []
Charlie’s Angels for Gamecube (13:26) []
Star Wars Kinect (11:57) []
Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts (17:47) []
BIRDEMIC: The Best Worst Movie Ever (16:36) []
King’s Quest V + Mailmen (10:01) []
Nightshade: The Claws of HEUGH (11:19) []
Space Ace! (11:28) []

Total Runtime: (4:38:09)

Season 2

Hercules Games (18:00) []
Goosebumps (Part 1) (12:21) []
Goosebumps (Part 2) (18:52) []
Home Alone Games (18:13) []
Bootleg Pokemon Games (15:22) []
Foodfight! (16:43) []
Conan the Barbarian (10:26) []
Takeshi’s Challenge (14:40) []
California Games (14:13) []
Titenic (13:40) []
Japanese Shoot 'Em Ups (14:04) []
Anti Drug Games (18:07) []
Clock Tower (12:06) []
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Part 1) (10:42) []
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Part 2) (14:57) []
Plug and Play Consoles (20:50) []
The Zoo Race (16:54) []

Total Runtime: (4:12:00)

Starcade (Season 2 part 2?)

Atari Games (10:25) []
X-WING (5:07) []
Star Wars Chess (6:10) []
Nintendo Star Wars (11:28) []
Phantom Menace Games (11:31) []
Yoda Stories (8:42) []
Star Wars Plug and Play (7:43) []
Everything Else! (12:11) []
The Star Wars Holiday Special (FINALE) (24:43) []

Total Runtime: (1:38:34)

Season 3

Barbie Games (16:50) []
Titanic: The Legend Goes On (24:05) []
Food Games (Part 1) (16:13) []
Food Games (Part 2) (15:49) []
A Talking Cat!?! (21:49) []
The Skateboard Kid (21:38) []
Disney Bootlegs (20:52) []
Dark Dungeons (GRAND FINALE) (23:50) [] (review ends around 2 AM)

Total Runtime: (2:41:06)

Grand Total Runtime: (13:09:49) [2:00 AM EST when it ends]

With that finalized list out of the way: I will try to commense the marathon at approximately 1 PM EST on September 23rd. The condo will open to the public approximately 1 hour before it starts, giving people time to get ready.

To those that are willing to participate: See you guys soon.


heck i have school

Can we afk in condo?
as some have school on Thursday.

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I will defently be able to make it for the first few hours but I have school the next day so I won’t be there for long :frowning:

Anyway, looking forward to it!

I might pop in if I get the chance.

Could someone possibly stream the marathon for the people who couldn’t make it to the condo in time?

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prob not due to copyright

JonTron falls under fair use as it is a form of criticism so restreaming the marathon is probably not a problem.

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(filler to please discourse)

I’ll be down for this, let’s hope i stay up till 1PM on september 22nd

The marathon goes from 1 PM to 2 AM the next morning as the update launches at 3 AM.

Dummy me, maybe I should make a poll.

Planning on showing up?

  • Yes! I’ll try to endure the whole marathon, even.
  • Yes, but not for the whole thing.
  • Nah.

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where’s the “I’ll try” option?

3AM what timezone?

According to my trello (and previous updates) it was at 3 AM EST when the update launches, so I timed the marathon to end between 2 and 3 AM on the 24th.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: I made a mistake setting the day of the marathon; it’s the 23rd at 1 PM, not the 22nd. Update launches at 3 AM the next morning. Sorry about that.

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if so i could join

oh shit this will make it easier for me to attend!

I’d like to attend, we’ll see if I make it. The only problem is the runtime of 13 hours :smiley: