For anyone wondering what happens when basketball counter goes beyond 999

It just resets.


you broke the ruleS

Well, that was underwhelming

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Technically, I don’t think the number actually reset. What probably happened is the displayed Decimal number overflowed (as there is no place to store a 4th digit on the display) to appear to be 000 when in reality the stored number would be 1000. I’m sure that if you let that number continue to increase, eventually the stored value would be too large for however many bits are used to store that value to handle, so then it’ll reset to 0.

It’ll just appear to be increasing normally and then it’ll jump to zero out of nowhere, assuming the memory of that value is unsigned. Otherwise the value would become negative once the most significant bit is set so therefore the numbers would appear to be decreasing instead of increasing, as you’re approaching zero.


I would love to see this overflow happen, givcn that someone has the patience to sit there and net this thing 65535 times (given the stored variable is 16 bits)

Nice approach