Foohy's Cool Music Thread


Just implemented a system for keeping audio streams in sync, letting us do cool stuff like this.

[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


Amazing Audio Engine!


This is the shit that gets me PUMPED


Can we have this in the actual game please?


Another test with portal 2 sounds, don’t sue me valve plz


Those streetlights are making me uncomfortable.


You aren’t the only one.


Oh boy, now that was… cool.
I wanna actually see this in TU pls.




I… I… What. :fearful:


release it nowwwww


I might be weird for asking this but…
What part of PORTAL 2 can you hear these sounds?
(The one w/ the stop lights.)


Oh DUDE, this reminds me of an article from the developers of another game I’m hyped for recently. Check it out:


that minigolf demo was so cool


stop playin
there was no minigolf demo ;-;


Alright this video makes 100x more sense now. When a certain GUY that will remain unnamed (I’mm funny) showed this to a few of us I was like WHAT THE HELL KIND OF STREET LIGHT MADNESS PARADE IS THIS?! I was also mid freaking out about something else, and there was literally no explanation that I can recall.
Super cool though, I like it. :smiley:


Those psycho distorted streetlights should be used in a blocky city themed minigolf map



Seriously, can we have that kind of minigolf awesomeness in the actual game?


Oh god yes this kinda thing needs to be used in some kinda horror game mode.


hmm… kinda like in super mario galaxy…