Following Pet Improvements

While an expansion to pets are planned, I figured I could make a suggestion post on it anyways.
Since I enjoy making them for TU~

Change to Reactions

Currently, pets choose a number of random reactions and showcase it with text.
I find this quite primitive and can be greatly expanded upon.
If a following pet bumps into an object or their owner, they’ll set themselves upright and freeze before displaying a confused or irritated emote;

If a following pet remains unmoving for a period of time, display an irritated or bored emote before promptly setting themselves upright;

If a following pet is near their owner for a period of time, display a random emote;

Some following pets come with unique emotes;

Non-Rolling Following Pets

Rather simple suggestion; rather than rolling, these pets will simply just face towards the owner and follow them with a fixed upward position. Perhaps playing an animation as they move to gain distance to their owner. Before prompty going into an idle animation once they reach them.

Placeable Equippable Pets

Simple suggestion to allow pets to be placeable in condos, this allows them to exist as a sort of furniture as a static thing or given the option to freeroam, where they will pick a random direction every so often in which they will roll for a short distance before stopping and repeating the process again.

Players can interact with the pet, to make them play a sfx and emit an emotion.

I/O could also interact with the pet, perhaps allowing I/O to tell coordinates where the pet should go and for how long they should attempt to get there, to play a specific emote, to jump, etc.
Or to output when petted, bumping a wall, etc.

If I may add, they should also get a half-circle offset when equipping more than one. They can still follow in a straight line but when they come to rest they should fan out a bit so you can see the individual ones rather them them all clipping into the same node.

That said, I don’t know what unforeseen bugs or network load that might cause in tight spaces or with 8-16 rolling pets simultaneously equipped, but I do love having a rolling posse follow me around the plaza.

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These are great suggestions. I love the animations you made. Yes, I do think the rolling pets need another pass like this.


Reminds me of the Puffles from Club Penguin.