FNIA model deleted

Hi, i dont know if this is the right place but i uploaded some models in TU and they got deleted and i dont know why.
im talking about the five nights in anime models (foxy,bonnie,chica and fredina)


the models boobied breastily

if you guys are trying to say the boobs are “too big”, there are other models with big boobs too so i dont understand

it’s stated that a model breaks the rules if it “Originates from a pornographic source that allude to their origin and/or violate any other rules”

even if it didn’t and that “other models have this”, then they’re also breaking the rules

okay? what about the ankha one in the workshop it should be deleted too

well, yeah? if it breaks the rules it should be deleted… the devs don’t really see them unless people report them, chances are they just happened to see yours & not that one

again, just because that one is up doesn’t mean it’s allowed

i don’t know which model in particular you’re talking about, but that goes for literally every model so

the model is over a year old what do you mean?

just because it’s somehow still up doesn’t mean your uploads don’t have to adhere to the rules

i just wait for a mod to reply, if its gonna happen

i’m not sure if you’ll get much luck getting them back up since they WERE the ones that took it down, but i’m sure it’s simply just that they saw your models and they violated the rules… if that other model violates the rules, it’ll get taken down too

The models were removed because they went against multiple rules we have set out on sexualized workshop content.

These are the rules the models violated:

  • Hypersexualized features (such as over exaggerated chests, hips)
  • Inappropriately exposed skin
  • Models only wearing undergarments
  • Originates from a pornographic source

These rules are available here: Tower Unite Workshop Manual

When deciding to remove workshop models, we moderate case-by-case and we are developing a point based system (the more rules violated, the higher the probability of removal or discussion of removal occurs) to help explain the reasoning behind the model’s removal.