Flying Spaghetti Monster &(Ghost Objects) (

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Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

Ok so I actually accidentally found this bug not even looking for bugs. I was trying to help OutSmoke on the forums find a way to step up Spin Rate without a Spin command not having much experience with grouping movered items together I decided to try. Heres what I did. I have repeated this so I know its for sure an issue.

Placed a Tube. Added it to a (Simple Mover) Placed a Cylinder Snapped to the top of the tube. Placed a Simple mover on the cylinder inside of the tube then had to use offset to straight the Cylinder back inline with the tube. Placed a Hemisphere snapped to the to top of the Cylinder (Creating a propeller shaft.) Added a single sphere shunk down to look like a propeller blade and added it into the hemisphere copied the Blade and moved it down creating a Propeller.

The idea here was thinking I could essentially create a Step up and step down Gear box like gear cogs with the first mover spinning slowest and the 2nd faster and third faster than that.

I set the first Mover simple spin to spin rate .2 or alittle less than half of 1.0 set the second to 1.0 and the third to 2.0

I connected the first mover to the TUBE the Second to the Cylinder the third to the Hemisphere with blades.

I then grouped them by clicking the tube first then holding shift adding the first mover. then adding the 2nd mover then the cylinder then its mover then the hemipshere then its mover.

I created 6 buttons two for each mover. I set up 3 green ones and 3 red ones then set one green one and one red one to each mover. With PauseSpin on the red and ResumeSpin on the green For each of the movers.

Then I resumed the spin to make sure they all worked. They all worked
None of the movers spin with their connected items as I dont think theyre supposed to spin with them.

Then… I hit tab and hit pause. I saved the snap shot and left the condo. Loaded the condo loaded the snapshot and when I came back in the objects were misaligned but not spinning. I hit tab and then hit Play button… I then hit Resume spin for each… the items were no longer spinning on the same axises they were set to spin on as a single Prop shaft…

Then things got weird. They spun and eventually made what appears to be duplicates of each other.
I tried to take a screen shot the screen shot did not capture their ghosts…

One would be lead to believe they were spinning faster than the FPS of screen shot can capture and they were spinning so fast it appears there were two… Just one problem all of the pieces spinning including the ghosts were spinning facing in different directions than they would have been spinning I took video with my cellphone and posted it in the Condohub as this occured.

After watching and taking videos and starting and stopping to see different results.
I wasnt that concerned about it but then I decided to repeat the process to see if it was just a fluke.
Upon repeating the same processs of steps… WHen I loaded the condo before I could even UNPAUSE in the TAB menu Flying Spaghetti Monster took Flight and disappeared into the abyss surrounding the art studio. I then hit tilda key and looked at the location it was over 2000meters away already. But I did see it shoot off and did see it spinning all through out the condofor a breif moment before that.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior. I expected that upon loading the objects would stay where I placed them and spin on their set axises the moment I had hit TAB and clicked play.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

I think the grouping of the items with movers caused this. NOTE that when they were spinning on reentering the condo the movers also were spinning with them instead of being still as they would be.

The Set Up.

What happened after pausing the condo just before saving snapshot the second try to repeat the issue.

Spaghetti Monster Screenshot that fails to show the ghosts created of the objects.

Where Spaghetti monster flew off to after loading in before I could even use Tab menu to hit play on the second time I created the monster.

Videos were taken on my iphone to capture the ghosts and spinning I was able to post those in CondoHub on the TowerUnite Discord. I do not have them hosted unfortunately. But they are visible there. This was at 12:56am Central time and till 1:47 Central.