Floor Material Going Through Door

This material goes through the door…

while this one doesn’t.

Im with you. It’s pretty annoying. Some of the walls have a similar problem - In the green area of my house blue is coming from the sides of the door.

so post a pic so mac can see it

I have already talked to @macdguy about this. He is trying his best to work with the Unreal game engine.

This problem is that a material in one room goes into the other room, not that a material isn’t getting brighter or darker.

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Yeah, wouldn’t it be a kind of easy fix to change where textures go? (I wouldn’t know, but wouldn’t it just be “increase this floor texture this way slightly, decrease this floor slightly,” or something?)

Also: Here’s some screenshots of my similar problem:

Can be fixed by changing the wall it corresponds with, or cut out the tiny chunk of wall and replace it as an independent wall.