[FIXED] [GMT] Mega weird Virus enraged speed bug?

So I was playing virus, but when I got infected I had enraged speed, but normal health. It ONLY happened when I got infected. I have pin pointed times so it will make your life easier.

Edit: Just happened AGAIN today (1/17/16). Video below the time stamps for the first video…

Edit: Was able to replicate the bug & notified a Dev, should be fixed by tomorrow.

Edit: FIXED! As of 1/17/16 (Central Time 10:00pm)

3:40 (This is when I realize something is wrong here)
3:48-4:04 (I’m going enraged speed)
4:08 (goto desktop to show my monitor that nothing malicious running)
4:19 (i pick the wrong scene lol)
4:35 (Showed my monitor that nothing is running)
5:27 (I get enraged speed, but normal health)
6:42 (I get infected on purpose to show I get enraged speed)
7:06-7:13 (Unreal)
7:15-7:31 (Speedrunner 2.0, I overlap 2 infected)
9:23 (I’am still going fast as infected…)
11:32 (I show my desktop again)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, it happened again today…

Here is a video of regular speed in Virus.

This has been a long ongoing bug with Virus, someone even got erroneously banned over it. The ban got lifted though.

Something to keep in mind when you suspect someone of speedhacking, is that the player will be teleporting continuously. This bug has only caused people to run faster without people teleporting in my experience, because the client game is aware of what speed the player should be running at (even the glitched speed) and thus renders it like that. Speedhacking causes the player to keep running at the default speed, but teleports three times per second or so, to keep up with the player’s own speedhacked location.

That’s my take on it, though. I didn’t make the game, so maybe the developers know more about this.

Crazy how it hasn’t been fixed yet, & feel bad for the people who were getting banned for this… :pensive:

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Just happened again lol