Fix the Wheel of Money % Winning Chances

I really hate to say, the Wheel of Money has no jackpot winners, and we’ve been scammed by spending every 5 credits (75 units) from this machine.

Here are the columns from KodaPop’s guide for Wheel of Money since 2022:

  • The value column are listed here, also shown in game from the Wheel of Money machine.
  • The count columns shows how many times the wheel stop on said value.
    – 20 has been counted 109 times with 21.67% chance of winning.
    – The “Jackpot” value has been counted to none with 0.00% chance of winning.

As you can see, none of the casino players in Tower Unite (including me) hasn’t landed on the “Jackpot” value, making impossible for one player to win the shared jackpot from the Wheel of Money.

Is there any solution to fix the % winning chances from the Wheel of Money?

I don’t understand where this data comes from, and maybe I’m misunderstanding this post, but there definitely have been players who have won the Jackpot on Wheel of Money.


How many who won the Jackpot?

I’ve found three separate instances on YouTube after looking for a few seconds, and on Discord there have been the occasional announcement. It’s rare, but it’s not impossible and certainly has happened more than three times.


A jackpot is 100% possible, just not 1:503 odds, the limiting of decimal places plus the small sample size is a way to get an idea, not exact numbers,
For example:

If the odds of winning a jackpot were 1:10000, then 1 jackpot would appear here as 0.00% since the odds of it occurring would be 0.0001% in fact if this got a lucky roll and hit jackpot this list would incorrectly report that it is a .2% chance of occurring (see the 700 and 200) as the sample size is too small for getting the odds ratio of a slot machine, they tend to trend into the upwards of millions to one odds, the spin to win wheel gives you a good idea of how rare the odds can get on things as they are extremely transparent with their odds

This is a prime example of how important proper data sets and understanding of ratios is, the reality is jackpots are possible, just incredibly rare, I have been on servers when someone has won a jackpot in WoM but since this data set is incredibly weak it is more or less a rough idea than anything solid. Think of it this way, if the data set for rolling a six sided die is 4 rolls, and occur in this order: 1,2,3,6 would it be correct to say the die will never land on the numbers 4, and 5? they would both be 0% chance while the other 4 numbers would be 25% each


Casino slots aren’t the be all and end all of earning units, in fact, it’s actually one of, if not the slowest methods of earning units

Nightclub Billiards, Dark Voyage, and Treasure from the Sea events have much better payouts

I did earned half of the achievements from playing billiards. I did rarely played the Dark Voyage and collecting treasures from the sea.