Fix the Mr. Sunabouzu Shrine item (Special/Exclusive Item)

It would be nice if the candles on the shrine were actually real, as in, actually lighting up.
Maybe you could change the brightness, too?

(And yes, those are candles. Very bright candles.)


Yeah, I think that’d be a good idea too! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I currently have a couple of candles on the shrine to get that effect, but it looks out of place since the candles are way too large.

i didn’t know you can run Tower on a Nintendo 64

im joking btw

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We need this

Well, I do

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Omg dude… why do you play in those graphics? It looks like you’re playing Goldeneye.

Have you ever thought that they just maybe have a bad computer? Just a thought.

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Look, man, my family is poor. We don’t have any jobs, and I’m only 13 and I can’t even get a job yet.
The whole reason I got my neighbors to build me this computer was to continue to play more of the Tower Unite alpha, and here I am. Ever since the start of development, the devs have stated that the game will be able to run on potatoes, or low-end computer. Even if I have to lower the settings to play, I’m going to play and enjoy it.


Don’t expect everyone to handle full graphics on the most modern game engine. I am surprised my computer can handle this game at turbo and sustain atleast 30 FPS.

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Oh… sorry I didn’t realize. I hope your family comes into a nice amount of money.