Fix Player Ball Colors

In Ball Race, player balls have a randomized color that also colors their HUD. However this system seems sorta flawed. Currently, it doesn’t account for the colors of other players when it chooses, so you can get lobbies where multiple people have the same color. Black is also in the rotation of possible colors, which I feel isn’t a good decision as this is clearly meant to be a more bright and colorful gameworld. I’d just like to see some more variation in player colors, possibly with a system that checks other players colors before assigning one to you.

I’d just like this to be customisable, even giving the option at the start like mini golf. If this is the case then I don’t have much of a problem with black being in the mix.

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Maybe they could implement an early version of the Upgrades menu for Ballrace, similar to Bowling and Minigolf? Choosing colours would be a nice Quality of Life change.
I think Black is fine being in the mix, but that may just be because it compliments the Galaxy Ball very well.