Fishing, vehicles, shipwrecks oh my

I dont know if this could get implemented but I know I would love it if they could add fishing, vehicles (cars, boats, aircraft, etc.), and some form of nautical exploration like scuba diving in shipwrecks, submersibles (fits with vehicles) and stuff. Thats my suggestion to make tower unite even better. :slight_smile: please reply what you think would make it better relating to these topics and/or if you like the idea! :smiley: One last thing maybe could we have some kind of uncharted islands or landscape settings for your condo, and perhaps a nautical battle game! That would be amazing, I am soo hyped for TU!!! :smiley:

Don’t know if they’re going to be able to implement shipwrecks or anything, but they’ll probably have a decent bit of this with the expanded ocean.

They said they would add an expanded beach in the $60k milestone (which includes riding boats), but I don’t think there will be other vehicles other than the monorail and the remote-controlled boats and cars up until after TU is released.

Thanks for that but i would still like fishing and vehicles :smile:

Looks like fishing is winning in the polls right now :smile:

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