Fishing: uses and decoration

So with the (possible) addition of fishing we should start thinking of uses for the fish. My first idea is having a fish tank that can be upgraded and made bigger/better maybe even add an aquarium or an underwater room or a wall tank (where its inset into the wall) or idk even a glass floor tank!! Im so excited for fishing but I will move on to the uses for fish possibly potions, cooking, or maybe putting on a plaque. This leads to another thing: cooking! We could use the fish to cook food for parties or for a different use (I cant think of any atm). But yeah please developers think about it especially the fish tanks/aquariums thing. love you guys, keep up the great work!! :grin:

someone already done this idea -_-

actually no i would have had a “related topics” thing while writing I built more on the idea than the other and added fishing/recipes/potions. :smile:

that cool but the thread is going to merger it.

We had a fish tank inset in wall in lobby1 as I recall. Heaving pet fish would be awesome too.

Append this with the original ideas above. Ability to feed fish to pets.