[Fishing] Trade Fish for Sea Dollars

As it stands, sea dollars are incredibly rare. Even if you’re focusing on wireframe item fish alone, it could still be a solid hour or more before you get your hands on a single one. I can’t currently fathom getting the 10+ needed for the ancient orca, let alone being able to collect multiple sea creatures, within a reasonable amount of time.

Therefore, I suggest being able to trade in fish in exchange for sea dollars. Here’s how it would work: the same dolphin friend that you trade sea dollars to now has an exchange option. From there, you select one or more fish from your inventory (probably similar to buying items, but you’d see your inventory instead of the store’s inventory). If the combined sell cost of the fish passes some set threshold, then you can trade in those fish for one sea dollar (passing multiples of the threshold will obviously allow for getting multiple sea dollars). You cannot buy sea dollars with units.

The point of trading in fish is that it gives players a guaranteed way to get sea dollars while still restricting it to being a fishing reward. Trash/Treasure does not contribute to the sea dollar trade, so it gives incentive to fish for non-item fish beyond the fish looking neat in your condo. Plus, it’s a nice alternative to just selling fish you don’t want.

What are your thoughts on this?

  • Something like this is needed!
  • I like the idea.
  • I’m pretty neutral about this.
  • I don’t think this is worth developing.
  • Something like this would ruin sea dollars!

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I think something like this would make for an interesting event. Kind of like the upcoming “sales” event. Maybe it could be something like “trade X amount of X fish for a sea dollar” just so that it wouldn’t get abused

I agree something should be changed. I’m at the point of where I have used over 500 Curly Grubs without getting a single Sea Dollar.

Maybe an alternate fix would be to make it so that “Very Hard” difficulty items have a higher chance of being something that isn’t trash. Frankly, the number of times I have captured one of the golden wire frame fish, had it be very hard difficulty, only to get, say, a plastic straw is… insane honestly considering the amount of effort I’ve put into trying to get sea dollars so far.

Even if they don’t want to add a way to “purchase” sea dollars (even by trading) I think there should definitely be some adjustments to the ability to get them.


I’ve spent a solid 12 hours fishing and I have four sea dollars to show for it. This would be super beneficial. There’s also the fact that I have very little fishing xp to show for it as well because wireframes are so rare I’d hardly be fishing but instead waiting with curly grubs.

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I agree it needs to be slightly increased, but only slightly. I like the idea that getting all the adopted pets should be very rare but at this rate i’ll be at 10M exp before I get all adoptions once, imagine you wanting a couple Ancient Orca’s.

I like the idea of like exchanging fish but perhaps not randomly, instead something more like exchange 10 Large Common Starfish, that way a menu wouldn’t need to accept every single type of fish, but the most common ones. Could also apply to Mussels, Oysters, Shellfish etc.

It could even be the trash, since it’s like you’re cleaning up the ocean, clean the oceans of trash to get adoption tokens makes good sense and you’re not losing your fish. But I’d like those thresholds to be high, like requiring 10 of each so adoption is still well earned.


I love this idea but just for another potential option, what if you got a sea dollar for every 100 or so catches? It would still be a long journey to unlocking some things or getting the whole set but at least it’s a journey. Right now it feels like it’ll take way longer than that so it’d be an improvement and take the RNG out without diminishing the rarity of it too much.