Fishing suggestions

Hello fellow fishers.

Here are a few suggestions on fishing, please let me have your thoughts.

At present the difficulty, value and (I think?) rareness of the fish is random, and it appears that you just get more xp for landing a hard fish compared to an easy one.

It also appears that the stuff inside fish is random and not based on how hard it is to land the fish - though given how hard it is to land a hard fish I haven’t landed enough to be sure.

The different types of bait don’t affect the chances of a hard or easy fish biting, just whether a large, perhaps rare is attracted and the size of the attraction ring around the bait.

The landing mini-game can also be … frustrating. If you snag a hard fish and the fish is pulling the opposite way to where your rod is currently set then you can have a line break before you get a chance to react, or if you manage to the fish is now pulling another way so you loose it.


  1. Additional Baits: Big fish, small fish ,fast fish, slow fish, strong fish, sleepy fish etc.
    Have new baits that have a higher chance to attract fast slow, strong or weak fish - as well as big and small. The randomness would now be skewed towards the type of fish it attracts, sort of like this.

Bait -
small fast fish -
more likely to attract a fish that changes the pull quickly, but adds tension to the line fairly slowly.
Large slow fish -
more likely to attract a fish that changes the pull slowly, but adds tension to the line fairly quickly.
Large strong fish -
as above but more tension more quickly
Large fast fish-
think a Barracuda on steroids - pulls like mad and changes the pull quickly. Like a super hard fish

There would still be a chance for a bait that attracts small fast fish snagging a big slow, or any other type - its just less likely to do so. Of course other types can be added and these are only suggestions. Keep the current baits as well, just add a few more.

  1. The landing mini game.

Add the ability to run the line out a bit by pressing the left mouse button. This would reduce the stress on the line but you only have a limited amount of line, play out too much line and you run out and loose the fish.

However if you are matching the fishes pull you can bring the line in by pressing the right mouse button without increasing the stress on the line. If you do this when you are not matching the fish’s pull then the line stress will increase much quicker than normal resulting in a line snap.

Like the new baits using this would be optional, you would not ‘have’ to play the fish in this way, but it would give a bit more of chance if you land a hard fish and have it pulling against you right away.

  1. The value of the fish or what its eaten is reflected by how hard it is to land. Hard fish have higher value and better loot, small fish have smaller loot, big fast fish have higher value, better loot etc.

Finally a few aquarium ideas.

The fish models are great. I have no idea how many there are and massive praise to the folks who made them, its just that they seem a bit off scale wise. The Archer fish is more akin to a Grouper than something that spits at insects. the Piranha is a tiddler and the Clown could take your arm off. Any chance that these can be re-visited some when? It would be great to have a cichlid tank however right now they are somewhat big. Got to admit I have not tried the scale gun on them when they are in an aquarium.

Can we have empty aquariums and the ability to add our own props?

Last thing anyone know why fish don’t stay in the aquariums between condo visits, and if it is possible to get them out of an aquarium once you’ve put 'em in without re-logging?

Great update and the outside of the bumper cars is fantastic.