Fishing is not challenging or fun

As someone who enjoys fishing in games, I’m not really enjoying it here and I don’t really see many people fishing in the game either, so I assume they’re feeling the same too. The issues…

Fishing is too easy
I have never lost a single fish on any difficulty. Strangely, I think medium difficulty is probably the closest that put up a challenge, but maybe that’s just me, and yes that doesn’t make sense. I honestly think fishing is too easy because of the mini-game, which makes it easy to follow the fish with your mouse. Even if the fish moved more or the indicator was smaller, I doubt it would change much. That rare fish isn’t so special when anyone can easily catch it.

There is no grind
There should be a linear progression in my opinion to retain people’s interest in fishing. Maybe have milestones that unlock or upgrades your fishing rod as you level up fishing. These new rods could make it easier to catch more difficult fish.

The Mini-game isn’t fun
The way you hook a fish is fine, but the way you catch the fish isn’t very fun. In fact, it’s pretty irritating. I love making aquariums and getting new fish, but for me, fishing is a tough pill to swallow right now. I’d much rather prefer a mini-game for fishing like Albion Online, New World, or Stardew Valley. They’re simple, fun, and challenging.

Different locations should have different fish
Players should have a reason to visit other locations, otherwise they will just fish in the same place, right next to the vendor that sells bait. This again makes things pretty mundane. Not a fan of catching every fish in the ocean, even freshwater ones.

Categories fish by water type
Every fish in the game is under “sea water creature”. Would prefer to know if they’re freshwater, saltwater, or both. While I know my fish, a few I had to check up on google which water they belong in when I was making my aquariums.

Not a fan of fish sizes
When I caught a fish and put it in an aquarium, I realized I couldn’t change its size. I was pretty excited, because I thought that every fish had its own unique size and scale. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, we simply have regular and large. I would much rather prefer being able to scale my fish and leaving out the large ones or having every fish have its own scale. Catching the highest scale fish for every fish, would be a fun grind. Even fish growing overtime would be pretty awesome.

No aquarium decorations
We should definitely be able to buy decorations for our aquariums, especially a bubbles fx.

Schooling fish
Having an aquarium of similar fish that school would be very awesome to look at. Probably not going to get considered but thought I should throw it out there.

Would love to see more varieties of koi. These are collectable fish.

Also, fishing was much harder on release, not sure why it got nerfed. Harder fish really only give slightly more xp though, which is kind of pointless.

Couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Fishing was one of my most anticipated features but I’ve only fished like maybe 3 or 4 times since it came out. Fishing stinks in this game. I’m a sucker for fishing minigames. Even if it’s just a simple timed-click style like Animal Crossing. I just love catching and “collecting” all the different fish. But, like you said, not only is there very little reason to fish, but even when you do, it just isn’t fun.

Ok, but none of those are upgrades to the fishing rod.


Currently with the scope of the game, we’d have to allocate a lot of time to Fishing to add some of these features, which would take from other upcoming games. Never say never, though, is my motto.


Completely understand, the work you guys have done is very impressive as it is. Figure I’d just throw everything out there and hopefully it’d just give you guys some ideas for the future.


They’re great ideas and we’ll keep them in mind when we return back to Fishing.


I think for the fish with things in, maybe leave the common trash to the common fish with things in and have the rare goodies be with the rare fish, cause I keep getting common trash in rare fish.