Fishing collection book

I would really love to see some sort of collection book which shows how often you have caught specific types of fishes/objects and it would be awesome if there were rare types and more common types, so you actually have to try and complete your collection.

I REALLY want this. It would be a relaxing thing to do every now and then, to try and complete your collection some more.

Depending on how exactly fishing works, it would be cool if these fishes also had different traits. Like maybe a really big one, which is slower but has a stronger pull - Dunno, since I have no idea how fishing is gonna be implemented.

Anyway, I’d really love a collection thing like this for fish species.


There is one already? Open your collection book and find “fish” ribbon.

This post was made in December 2016.

the post got necroed by mistah macklin when he change the category to fishing suggestions