Fishing Collection Book missing things


I want to complete my fishing collection book :slight_smile:
But on the treasure page the Pile Of Gold, and on the trash page the elevator vinyl are still missing, I fished for long times.
I see the Pile Of Gold can get on the spin to win wheel.
Can someone confirm, that you can get these both things from fishing?

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I recall getting a pile of gold before from fishing. I think you have to fish them out for them to count in the fishing book and not from spin to win/catsacks.

Both items can be acquired through fishing, and you have to catch said items before they will be displayed in the sea encyclopedia.

They both have the rarity “Less Common”, although given how the fishing reward system works it could still take a while before you manage to get the vinyl record and or the gold bar.

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alright thank you :slight_smile: Then I am patient. I want to have the milestones anyway

Now I have more than 400.000 EXP in fishing, I have all kinds of trash and treasures several times, I adpoted every fish bought by sea dollars… I’m just fishing the big gold fish with the question mark.

Still no Pile of Gold and still no elevator vinyl.

Now I got a Pile of Gold from a catsack and yes, now its active in the fishing collection book.

But I think both items cannot be acquired by fishing.