Fishing cabin condo


After seeing that fishing is being worked on, I though it would be kinda cool to have a fishing cabin on the lakeside as a new condo to compliment fishing. It wouldn’t be too big, I was thinking maybe a small but cozy cabin in the woods, with some other cabins viewable in the distance, and it would have a decent sized backyard which would lead to a dock on the lake proper.


Good Idea, I hope you mean players could fish there too.


Of course, that’s kinda the point of a fishing cabin, after all, that’s why I mentioned that it’s on the lake.


Okay. I voted.


If it includes a little shack for your boat, I’m all in.


I’d completely forget my canvas covered Suite that took a week to complete for a fishing shack with a boat place. I seriously want this.


Would be really comfy, hopefully it would come with a nice fireplace and a fur rug, maybe add a shotgun on a stand for that authentic cabin touch!


And a window on the inside showing a view of the lake!


could have some possibility if it had a big forest. could put some notebooks around with spooky things in them.


Why not two cabins? One two story with a balcony and a small one near where you can fish


Like this? With a lake of course